Ethan Bear Hockey School


July 31st to Aug 3rd.
Age 8-14 (girls & boys)

Head Instructors

Ethan Bear

  • Defensemen
  • Seattle Thunder Bird WHL
  • Edmonton Oilers Prospect
  • Team Canada U18 2015/2016

Courage Bear

  • Coach to the Saskatcoon Contacts
  • Bachelor in Kinesiology
  • AAA Midget Team


Fellow Thunderbirds will be in attendance:

Mathew Barzel (First round pick N.Y Islanders)
Ryan Gropp (N.Y Rangers draft pick)
Turner Ottenbreit
Donaven Neuls
Nolan Vocan
Scott Eansor
Bryan Albee
Rylan Toth (Goaltender)

Camp includes free camp hoodie and jersey.

If you have any questions please contact
Geraldine Bear at or (306) 696-7497


Price: $500