A Mushroom That Can Instantly Improve Cardio And Strength

Cordyceps mushrooms have been used in China for thousands of years for aerobic capacity. But recently studies have proven the benefit for increasing cardio capacity. Popularity in the use of cordyceps for sports performance is in part because of its non-stimulant effect. Instead it increases the body’s natural energy supply by boosting ATP (the energy source of the cells) and improves oxygen utilization in the body so your muscles can go longer and recover faster without feeling a crash.


In a double-blind study, the use of a supplement called Shroom Tech, which consist primarily of the cordyceps mushrooms, it has been shown to have the following effects on college athletes on the first use:

  • Increase in bench press by 12%
  • Increase in bench and squat by 7%
  • Increase in cardio by 8.8%


Shroom Tech is on of the more popular cordyceps supplements and has been used by professional athletes in a range of different sports including:


Donald Cerrone who is a UFC welterweight fighter with the 2nd most wins in UFC history who said,

“I like to go as hard as I can for as long as I can. Shroomtech is like strapping on an extra fuel tank, so obviously I get down with it.”

Duncan Keith who is a Canadian professional ice hockey defenseman and an alternate captain for the Chicago Blackhawks of the NHL and said, 

“Shroom Tech Sport gives me the energy and stamina to power through and recover faster after my games and practices. I take it before all my workouts and love the extra boost of strength I get from the non-stimulant natural based formula.”

Andrew Senejo who is a safety for the Minnesota Vikings said,

“I’ve established myself as a high motor guy on the field, and a high motor requires very precious fuel. That’s why I’ve fallen in love with Shroom Tech Sport. It allows me to go hard all practice, workouts, games, whatever it is.”

Where To Buy

You can get cordyceps supplements at most local health stores, but you can also get them at Four Sigmatic which sells a cordyceps powder to mix with water. Onnit sells the Shroom Tech, talked about above, which is cordyceps mixed with other natural performance boosters. Lastly you can get cordyceps supplements on Amazon from a host of different companies.


Cordyceps have overwhelming evidence of performance benefits from recent studies done as well as thousands of years of use and top pro athletes that swear by the benefits. If you’re in a sport where a cardio boost or quicker recovery could give you an edge, you should strongly consider adding cordyceps to your toolkit.